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Allow Mouse Wheel to adjust stance
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While in combat or just moving for better cover or when combat is about to happen, you need to stop to adjust your stance to High Standing/Low Standing, High Crouch/Low Crouch. This can cause you to enter the wrong stance or get you killed because you paused too long when you see the rock in front of you is not high enough to protect you from the incoming fire - you have to stop change the height adjustment.


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Allow the "L CLRT" + "Mouse Wheel" to change your stances. This will also make it much easier and more fluid to change stances on the fly. Also allow your character to go to crouch/stand up from High Prone/seated.

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in general: the option control menu should support binding combinations like mousewheel up + shift, etc.

I don't see a problem with the current key setup. I've got no problem changing stances during combat and non-combat movement. But if the devs add this extra feature in the controls, then that's more power to the players.

The current key setup is giving me RSI + it is not smooth this way to constantly scroll through the stances with double key's. The mouse wheel seems the most logic place for it and will make stance switching a lot more smooth and fast and thats what you want when you are engaging enemies and have go from sitting/crouched from behind a rock to quickly go to stand to make a quick sprint to the next cover and go to low crouched again.

only because some people are fine with the current keymapping, the devs should implement the ability to add mousewheel + modifier combinations + somthing like "Stance Up" and "Stance Down" additionally to "Adjust"

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Covered by #2653.