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[Feature request] Rock climbing / rappelling
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It would be interesting to see rock climbing and repelling through the use of gear. also, repelling from roofs of buildings for window entry would be cool


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Higher voted identical request: #6350

Re-opening, since the other issue needed to be closed.

i can never say no to more features =) reppeling from helicopters great and a MUST!

The others I dont mind too much, if the devs can work it in, why not.

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Could a mod please edit this feature request, so it is only about rock climbing?

Rappelling is covered by #3909

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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This would add an entirely new dynamic to the game, and it would just be AWESOME!

At times, I feel Arma is just not dynamic enough, and you're forced to go with certain plans simply because things like this are not possible.

If you need inspiration on this, look at BF2: Special Forces. They do this quite well.