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Switching optics should be gradual, not instantaneous
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When switching optics modes, such as from an ACOG, backup red-dot, grenade launcher sights, there should be a gradual shift to each sight, rather than the instantaneous transitions we have now.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Equip a weapon affixed with a double optic.
2.) Switch optic modes.
3.) Not the instantaneous transition.

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Thanks kOepi! :-)

no. if anything it could be even faster.

This also occurs when you have the grenade launcher up and then you change the range of the weapon. It instantly changes your stance, and position of the grenade launchers aiming optic. It should be more gradual for that too.

In fact, you should have to reach out with your left hand to 'tweak' the optic, then reposition into the aiming position.

Yes, there should be an animation for switching optics modes(acog-type scope to backup red dot). In addition to the current instant switch being unrealistic, it is also pretty disorienting to switch optics when it is instant.

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There should also be an animation just for aiming down the sights, it's also instantaneous.

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