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Ocean water is too transparent.
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Ocean/sea water is way too transparent. You can see several meters into the water, when in reality, you would only be able to see a few.


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1.) Go to edge of pier.
2.) Look down at the water.

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I agree with the principle though I went in real life to those islands and the water is super clear.

But I think a slider in the weather parameters to increase or decrease water clearness would be great. Like fog a little bit.

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I have to disagree,

like mentioned above, in most unpoluted islands accross the world, the water really is pretty clear. and this is also pretty unneccessary complaint, given you really need to be looking straight down into the water to see much, due to water refreaction at an agle will just give you a very opaque deep blue colour.

however waters clarity would change depending on amount of light and also most probably weather, and i havent seen much weather changes to see how it impacts clarity of the water. but this really is no big deal.

if anything,m they should be working on propper waves.

I have to disagree too : many pictures of mediterraneen sea show that you can 5-6 m deep. Moreover, my wife lived on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and confirm the realism of the Stratis water.

Jlaporte, I like your idea!

While the transparency may be accurate for Stratis, it may not be for other locales, which may present a challenge for island-makers.

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I agree, I live in the Mediterranean, and you do not see as well as three meters, even if the water is clear, even at night, while playing in the water appear almost like Skyrim when SSAO is enabled with the ENB series
look this comparison picture :

If you look straight down into mediterranean water on a clear day (preferably from somewhere up high) then the water is extremely clear, just like in Arma :) The way it is in arma now is really good imo, I love how the water is not transparent when you are at sea level and looking forward but that it is clear if you look straight down.

Water clarity really depends on so many factors. Some waters you can see for a good 100 meters, others you can't see your hand in front of your face. And it's not just geographical, but water clarity changes with the tide, for example in low tide, river water and drawn out and visibility will be greatly decreased.

The one thing I find unrealistic in this game is the ocean floor. I mean, why is there a bunch of hills and rock formations? Most places it's simply flat unless you happen to be where there is an active reef, but even then, it's still relatively flat...

+1 DemonMustang for the ocean floor. It is a bit boring but we have to keep in mind that making all that just as detailed as the rest of the world would be a big problem. IMO the flat parts should be replaced with underwater sanddunes, it would look better, be no problem for preformance and realistic as greece is full of those