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Crashs, Loses connections, hosts games crashs.
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Since the update 0.52, all the hosts games crashes after a few minutes.
I test a lot of hosts update in 0.52 and I have crash game, lose connections or freezes because the host crash.
When I am in game I see a lot of players who lose connection too or crash.


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Game Crash

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Here here to that. I can hardly get into games any more because of this.

I want to add that I find when a server crashes the game out, its IMPOSSIBLE to get back into that same server for several hours because the game keeps crashing after you select a role and try to start.

Secondly most of the servers don't even let the game content finish downloading.. It will sit there forever trying to finish the download at like 99% completion.

I guess that your version is an obsolete. We distributed the new "stable" build yesterday which may help. So steam should update your version automatically. Could you wait till it will be done and try it again?

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Closing due to lack of info/response.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket containing all relevant information.