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lost blood from clothing after treatment
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would be nice to make an appearance at the treatment site dressings


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I agree. I found it weird that whenever a wounded soldier is treated by a medic, his bloody clothes would be automatically clean again. I propose that once you are wounded, your clothes stay bloody. This would be more realistic, as there are no washing machines carried by soldiers.

Cayman added a subscriber: Cayman.May 7 2016, 1:08 PM

That's the "trick" that allows the player to notice he is wounded, being unable to "feel" it like in real life.
I'd leave it like it is honestly

Egosa-U added a subscriber: Egosa-U.May 7 2016, 1:08 PM

I think the Reporter wants to say:
Not harmed = clean clothes
harmed = bloody clothes at the harmed spot (arm, leg, torso, shoulder, etc...) or as it is
treated = still bloody, but patched up with bandage(s) on the specific spot or on some spots in general.

Like that, +1.

If it's like Egosa-U said, then i'd upvote this !

Egosa-U Yes that's right

Upvoted, would be pretty awesome to see this implemented in game (including bloody bandages if the place was wounded again)

since you did confirm Egosa-U's explaination, you have my upvote ;)

@Valentino, the bandage would most likely already be bloody from the first injury.

@PainDealer - true, but it would be significantly bloodier after another shot.

@Valentino, Do you think that wash clothes is the best solution?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:08 PM

but patched up with bandage(s) on the specific spot or on some spots in general.

yes, but:
@Dev's if its to hard to make "place patching bandage on body", just make cloth still bloodly if been healed, BUT you can use Alpha Channel on advanced UVW's layer to show/hide Bandages...

Current system works as:
if some body part wounded, engine show layer with texture blood on wounded selection

Way to Resolve:
If medic heal somebody with wounded legs, for exapmle, engine render bandage on top level of blood level, if some part of level already exist, do nothing or show bandages on another part.


@Cayman - I think you got me wrong, Im really up for the idea of having bandages. However if you wound the leg, patch it up, wound leg again the bandage should be bloodier.

A bit unrelated but what I REALLY want to see is a bullet hole where I hit the person and not just the "general wounded limb" texture.

@Valentino, It is a good idea, I support it. I think you need to create a separate post.