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Creating 3 boxes causes them to burn.
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Manually creating 3 or more cargo boxes starts fire on all of them.


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Add the following script to a player init.

("B_supplyCrate_F" createVehicle (getPosATL player))
setPosATL [getPosATL player select 0, (getPosATL player select 1) + 5, getPosATL player select 2];

("B_supplyCrate_F" createVehicle(getPosATL player))
setPosATL [(getPosATL player select 0) + 2, (getPosATL player select 1) + 5, (getPosATL player select 2)];

("B_supplyCrate_F" createVehicle(getPosATL player))
setPosATL [(getPosATL player select 0) + 4, (getPosATL player select 1) + 5, (getPosATL player select 2)];

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I tried this on the dev build (0.53.103342), in the Stratis airfield, and I am not able to reproduce the issue.

However, I have experienced a similar situation when moving objects around as well.

The behavior I've have observed is that when setting the position of objects, if the final position is not exactly flush to the ground, then the objects take fall damage.

Since you are using setPosATL (above terrain level), and getting the Z axis from the player's position. It's probably safe to assume the player is standing on the ground, and force the Z axis to 0.

The thing that was confusing me is that I could load two crates just fine, but when I added the third, they all started to burn. I tried several crates and several positions.

I am currently unable to reproduce this issue, though. I restarted the application several times last night and it happened every time.

Well, at least it works, for now. If it happens again, I will see if I can figure out exactly why.

Should be fixed in current dev version. Could you please check it? Thanks