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MP Crash 10-30 minutes every game
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Constant crashing after this mornings update. Every mission except the default missions included. Unfortunately we kept dying too soon to see if the default missions would crash also. Server crashes without warning, no messages to client, couldnt even tell it crashed except second screen.

Crashed with only two clients and as many as around 10. No difference. No major scripts running, or clients running around in large cities. No major spawns taking place around time of crash. Will attempt to run server with -nobenchmark however have not had to use that at any time before now. {F18405} {F18406} {F18407}


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Game Crash
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Run any multiplayer mission.

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Also to note, this is running a -server that crashes. This is not a client crash problem. The server always crashes before any clients and gives no in-game errors.

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We have this issue too since the update. We are running Wasteland and Blitzkrieg type servers and they keep crashing about every 30 minutes. Server just crashes and clients either crash too or get the "Not received message since" red message.

MiB added a comment.Mar 25 2013, 8:57 PM

The same here. Crashing on different missions (GITS Evolution, Blitzkrieg and etc).

I don't run a server, bur I haven't been able to stay on a server for more than 30 minutes before it crashes. Starting today.

My ticket was closed (6013) as it is related to this ticket.
The Allocator in the .rpt is the same but the fault address is 'Arma 3\PhysX3_x86.dll' instead of 'arma3.exe', this is also a server crash that appears to be fixed (according to the related ticket of 5920), and mine was a client crash that is still happening.

Don't understand what the relation is here...

synddd: well it seems that closing your ticket as related to this was fault and sorry for that. We're trying to do our best for wide community satisfaction(just because community is strongly helpful with giving feedback and thanks to you all for that) but you have to know, we are still a people like anyone else and even we can make a simple mistakes. So please be patient and I'm going to tell about this fact to someone who is in charge with this kind of bugs(PhysX related)

have a nice day anyway ;-)

Sorry about semi-hijacking here, I didn't know how else to figure out where to go from here so thank you for replying.

Being that the problem identified PhysX, I found an updated Nvidia driver (314.22, coming from 314.07) and it seems to have fixed the problem but may be too early to tell. Can open a new ticket and file the solution if that is preferred as it may help others if that is the fix?

Thanks all.

Is this task still actual and reproducible? We played many long MP games (for more than a hour) and everything seemed to be fine

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Closing due to lack of information / no response in a long time.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket and request that this one be re-opened.