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Cannot exit camera.sqs script
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I cannot find any key which will allow the player to exit the camera.sqs script.

I tried Left Ctrl and V and then all the keys but I could not return control to the player unit.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place any Blufor unit on the map and in the init field enter

  • exec "camera.sqs"
Additional Information

You can move the camera with your key setup and mouse but try to exit back to the player unit and it is not possible.

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Right mouse button, too

I have discovered my error, the key to exit the camera.sqs script is mappable in ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, the OPTICS definition in the key controls under the weapons menu also exits the camera.sqs script as well as defining the action for the optics.

I had deleted the OPTICS key definition and had just used the next one instead "OPTICS TEMPORARY" in the weapons menu, thus removing the exit key from camera.sqs script.