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Option to disable small animals
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PLEASE add an option in the graphics setting to switch off ALL ambient wildlife...
It causes too many problems with editing missions.
They set off mines, activate triggers, open doors etc etc etc...
There are far too many snakes and the locomotion is all wrong, It all looks too unrealistic.
When the rabbit runs forward the animation is backwards :-s

One switch please OFF/ON :-)


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not personaly for client!

Need module here, if module placed, no animals

pretty sure there's already mods you can use to control the ambient wild life, but how exactly do u have wild life activating your triggers??? what settings are you using allowing any thing to activate them? and why?

Triggers see wildlife as civilians, so if your trigger is set to be activated by civilians the wildlife activates them too causing problems.
I shouldn't have to use modules for simple tasks like this.

There's a script function called 'enableEnvironment' which does not seem to do what it says it does on the wiki:

I'd rather see those bugs fixed than wildlife to disappear. I don't think any of these bugs is unrepairable and will persist in the final version.

^ I for one would still like an option to disable them is missions, for the sake of clientside radius checks etc, it's all unneeded overhead, when within a 5 metre radius, you've got 14 different butterflies floating around....

Nothing moves or looks realistic anyway so I'd rather not have it there.

@Radioman It may be, but that option has to be tied to specific mission. It just have no sense do that as graphic option.
Large wildlife groups on a small area sure aren't good and should be fixed as well as other problems. But I still want to have few well-programmed animals (so no one actually needs to disable them for mission to work properly), rather than have bad ones left in the game and said "turn them off if you don't like them". The game would look unnatural, empty and dead without them.

The snakes are bit mweh with their movement and there are indeed to many of them, every 30 meters you see a snake. I would like to see flying birds and placable flocks of birds in the editor, both seagulls and normal birds. In general the ambient wildlife needs more diversity, because it's mainly snakes and butterflies now.

The ARMA 2 rabbit was animated brilliantly, really quick and lively!
But in ARMA 3 the animation appears to be playing backwards while the rabbit is moving forward, it just looks rediculous :-s

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Script command enableEnvironment should be fixed in current dev branch.

Mass close.