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Problem when binding new control for "lower thrust (collective)" for helos
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I like to keep "Q" as the default for raise collective in helicopters, but when I remap "lower collective" to the "E" key, it does not do that, and tilts the cyclic forward drastically as if the key was "fast forward." I am stuck to using "Z" whereas I didn't have this problem in Arma 2. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


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Remap "lower thrust" (helicopter controls) to "E" key. Optionally remove any other key bindings, yet the effect is still observable afterward.

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I took away all bindings for "E", even in other control categories. It still behaves as if it performs "fast forward."

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Observable in the KA-60 in the helicopter showcase mission. Have not tried in multiplayer or any other scenario.

The same for me. I`m using ESDF arrows and struggling cos of this bug too.

Have the same problem. Also Left Control have problems too.

Agreed to "E".

The LCTRL issue isn't an issue.
LCTRL is a "modifier" in the "View Options".
Unbind it from there and you're good.

here... works fine.

To bind keys, if this still duplicated, you will have a problem... See if this key, its not in use for other controls.

I also have this problem. I have no other key mapped to E and the problem is still there. I have made a new profile, so maybe it's related? Other guys with this problem do you all have made a new profile or use the default one?

i have the same issue #7054

also duplicate of #727

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