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SUGGESTION - To improve directional awareness, implement an option to enable a full time, low profile compass.
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While this game is a simulator, it is impossible to replicate the directional and situational awareness that is natural. I think a good assist for that would be a permanent compass on the screen that is out of the way and not dead center of the screen. Keep the regular compass but add an optional low profile, full time on screen compass. {F18374}


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I don't understand why someone would have more directional awareness IRL than in-game. Could you please justify ?

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actually it is possible. look on the map, get a sense of what direction is south, then use landmarks and terrain features to guide you. for example, with airport in view, i always know that's west. and i can get my bearings that way.

just say no to dumbing down the game. voted down.

How is that dumbing it down? You can already toggle your compass on so it is in view all the time. And allot of us don't have the power in our computers to render distance well enough to make such effective use of what few landmarks there are.

@Quedr Humans have a natural sense of direction, some better then others that's why it is called a "sense" of direction. If asked to find north in an unknown environment many people can get close, if they can't then they use a compass. But once they have determined which way is north then they can still find it. If you spun around in a circle after being shown north, you would still be able to sense it. If you do the same on a computer it is much easier to loos your way. I am not suggesting making it a permanent HUD but let it be an option for those of us how can't render the radio tower 1000 meters in the distance that other are using for reference.

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