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AI Able to "snipe" pilots from choppers.
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I've spent some time on the little bird across MULTIPLE servers and I have this Issue come up over and over again.

I've been sniped from the AI in the little bird from the front, the bottom, and from behind after I flew by the AI with at least 100m overhead and from a distance of <200m.

This may be tied into the AI "super" aiming but this has happened on multiple occasions.


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Use the little bird and attack the AI.

It is at random but it has happened to me at least 3-4 times around.

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After this happened to me, I attempted it and although it is not "easy", it is doable.

But I won't pretend I can do it as easily as the AI, and it is really hard when the helicopter is not moving towards you.

The AI can actually snipe you from 400 meters with LMGs too, so they just need a whole rework !!!

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Duplicate of #6513