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Better bump maps
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Most environment objects are not really selling their 3 dimensional texture detail. I think adding better bump/normal maps to the environment walls and character clothing especially would make he game more immersive. In order to feel like you're in a fire fight you must first feel like the place your fighting is real. Good bump mapping can add a lot of depth to the world!


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EA's recent Battlefield 3 game I think does this. I think they do so at the cost of the amount of playable terrain available.

As such, you will feel like a rat in a maze, always being forced to the middle of the map versus being able to out-flank the objective or sniping.

I currently think the level of detail is adequate, but will likely improve on it's own with time without the need for rooting such a feature.

The nighttime graphic quality is pretty spectacular as it is. Can't wait to see the nighttime quality within another year or so.

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the game has large segmented normal map for the world, what it needs now are midrange, or smaller tiled normal maps for the ground, used in conjunction with the logic map and its separate tiled textures. so muddy ground will have mud normal maps, rocky, rock normal maps, etc

Bump/normal mapping is a method that is simpler than adding true 3d detail, because it is more of a trick than an intensive feature, and from experience and research i know it can be done a lot better in some areas of the game. Most of he building and structure almost seem to be missing them to begin with! And if they are there they pretty much are weak!

I agree, I think it uses some pretty basic bump maps and paralax mapping, and very very high quality detail models.

Persoanlly I think Arma looks good the way it is, even Arma2 at it's max looked graphically amazing, and I really don't think fancy features are an absolute must since their high quality models make up for it. But yes, if they use more technological cheats such as normal maps to replace polygons, we would still have pretty decent looking characters, vehicles and objects but with less polygons that would free up a good few frames.

I think if any graphical feature is to be added it would have to be tesselation, but of course, for the very high end enthusiasts.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Raco added a comment.May 20 2013, 9:00 PM

Voted up, normal mapping and parallax mapping would be great graphical features to add to this game, I think it would be nice to see them applied to things like roads, trees, rocks, and buildings.

sorry to burst you bubble, but parallax mapping is already done in game, even A2 had it. though I am not too much in favour how it is implimented, because it only appears to be active about 5m infront of the player, creating this awkward rolling dip in the ground.

they should either extend the active range, or and fall off, or replace it with something like tessalation.

Raco added a comment.May 23 2013, 11:37 PM

I agree with extending the active range, but I've not noticed the parallax effect except for very few places on land. Are they planning to add it to more objects like brick houses?