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We need a basic, preset (Xbox or variant) controller set up established ASAP
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Currently the most basic commands like changing rate of fire or use of alternative ammo, access to the map and inventory can only be done with the keyboard and mouse. This leaves your newly acquired customers unable to play. Selecting ARMA2 set up DOES NOT WORK. A great INITIAL setup could be established in an hour, acceptable to 99.9% of controller users.


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Try to do anything besides run, change weapons or shoot semi-auto rifle ammo without touching the keyboard or mouse.

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I'm not asking for a customizable controller, just a pre-set that makes sense that works for most of the functions. Variants can be added later.

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Let's not allow perfection to become the enemy of improvement. That is what the Alpha is all about. Issuing all the commands without the use of a keyboard and mouse is easily achievable, has already been done before, and will not port over COD players. For now, though, I just want to be able to do basic weapons manipulations, look at the map, use my binoculars. I'm getting my ass kicked looking for the 'F' key in the dark!

this is not urgent, nor is it a major issue
this an alpha to find bugs/flaws

I do not use a Keyboard and mouse. To me, this is urgent. I cannot even fully test it out until this is fixed.

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Why would you use a controller in a game like arma?

It's personal preference. Also, I play this on a 67 inch television at night in the dark, on a couch and chilling out. Accessing a keyboard and mouse is not an option.

I use Xbox controller laid flat on my desk under my left hand for smooth movement with analogue stick, one finger to move all directions & I've been using this method in arma 2 :-)
I've customised every button to do exactly what I want it to do.
All stances, MAP, Team speak... etc... etc... (all under one hand)
I still use the mouse in the right hand for ultimate accuracy.

Every button on any controller is customisable to do exactly what you tell tell it to do in ARMA :-)

Yeah, and Thanks, I have recently customized my controller. I can't get the right trigger to function as the trigger though. It also wipes out the pre existing commands that it was mapped to. I still want this done. It looks like the keyboard warriors will not be having it though.

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no, anyone who doesn't use keyboard and mouse(or joystick for piloting) is a fool

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at least it does have support for PS3 controllers (tryed with mine, it does have preset controls and i can change them)

i still cant comprehend how people think using an anolog is accurate, i highly doubt is my config or my analog sensivity, but i can barely aim at anything while infantry (besides, i need like extra 7 or 8 buttons to make a descent infantry control)

on the helicopters it behave somewhat weird and its not very different from mouse and keyboard, the only thing i can say a joystick is great is for driving, it was FAR more realistic and i enjoyed driving a lot more with a joystick, still, i wouldn't reccomend using a joystick for arma, even if you use a big TV/Monitor, it would be useless for realistic tactical game, so i must vote down this ticket.

I have recently added a left mouse button to my Ar -15 and I have to tell you, you guys were right! It's freakin awesome! Thanks Keyboard and mouse police!

"We need a basic, preset (Xbox or variant) controller set up established ASAP"

Who is "We" precisely?

At least politely request the feature.

  1. You seem to be paying way too much attention to what I post and when.
  1. WE are the many (tens of thousands/millions/billions) of people who play this game with controllers and are constantly battling with others who feel it's their role in life to dictate how the game is supposed to be played.
  1. Feel free to read the negative comments posted in my original polite request.
  1. By polite do you mean responding to a sardonic comment about NOT needing NSA/NASA to script bluefor AI (which you obviously didn't understand) like:

"By the way "Direct line to the NSA and NASA" do by any chance wear a Tin-foil hat and believe in Internet Conspiracy Theories? You are a Lunatic, I'm trying to explain that the AI cannot behave like in Dyslecxi's Guide because they aren't human." - mwnciboo

  1. If you have any further comments, questions or suggestions, please direct them to the nearest brick wall.

"WE are the many (tens of thousands/millions/billions) of people who play this game with controllers"

Mate, you need to stop you are making awesome Meme's here. I read this tracker often and comment on those which are good and bad, lending my support and refining peoples suggestions. Invariably yours are poor, same with Dr Death.

Just look at the Down-votes....Better Mobilise those Thousands/Millions/Billions.

Oh and thanks for this...

"By the way "Direct line to the NSA and NASA" do by any chance wear a Tin-foil hat and believe in Internet Conspiracy Theories? You are a Lunatic, I'm trying to explain that the AI cannot behave like in Dyslecxi's Guide because they aren't human." - mwnciboo

Some of my best work right there. Don't like it Go use your X-box Controller on an X-box, and stop demanding unreasonable things of BIS all the time.

P.S Watch this Video -

If you want to use a Controller do so, use google to help you set it up. If you want it, build it, hack it, mod it, create it. Everything you need has been provided, just because you want it in a particular way well to be honest, so what.

Who honestly cares about presets? More than half of the people who play this game (probably more) mess around with the keybindings to a big extent anyways. Would it really pain you that much to configure a 14 button/2 joystick controller as much as it is a whole 50-something key keyboard?


I actually came here to try to remove it, but as I fondly looked at all the douche bag's comments, to which you recently and unnecessarily added yourself, I couldn't help but realize that most of you/them have never actually fired/used any of these weapons. Thanks for the video, I watched it about 2 months ago; maybe helping people like that would be a more fruitful use of your vast knowledge and talent than ripping apart everyone's improvement requests. There are no ways to allow you to go prone/crouch/stand up with one (stick/button). The right trigger will not bind to the controller for some reason. Command and control are tedious, banal and sophomoric at best. BIS, a studio, wants to make me happy, because I will give them more money to do so. Considering said video had 2500 hits on "how to customize a x-box controller for Arma 3," you make my point.

If you have any solutions for the above, please help out. If not, I must redirect you to that brick wall I mentioned.

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is not because of the right trigger in the control, my R2 buttom is bugged too, but lets face it, you just cant use a joystick for a FPS, that would be just retarded, besides, most of the ArmA 2 controls would have to be modified to addapt to the use of a joystick/control.

THE ONLY reason why i shall keep the use of a joystick in this game is for one of the smoother driving and flying controls ever

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Yeah right, 2500 hits... 2499 of them by people wanting to know how to configure 360 controller for flying helicopters and not for infantry combat. So stop your bitching and wait or just go play Tetris with your billions of controller pals...

I don't think you would talk to me like that in person, but feel free while you're all brave and anonymous. This issue has been addressed and approved for configuration on another ID. BIS this issue can be closed.

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Since this is already being looked into in #940, we are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.