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ammo box expolsion light not dissapear at night.
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If you place down ammo box in the editor, and you shoot on them, they will explode (with no explosion sound) and the small orange sparks did not dissapeared after the box is sinked. The lights still there and shed the terrain. {F18325}


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I'm not able to reproduce it. Could you please check it one more time? If the bug will be still present, could you please provide more precise repro? Which ammo box exactly, how long the light remains after sinking of ammo box, etc.? Thank you.

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I can reproduce the problem!
I placed an opfor marksman near the fly tower on the airfield.
Placed not far from him all the bluefor ammo boxes. Every box do the same issue(try the basic ammo first).
The time is July 6 2035 02:15. The orange sparks shed the character and the other object after the box is sinked. You can check rear view and the orange highlight seenable on the mariens suit and some close surroundings. gfxcard asus radeon hd 7870
ati driver:13.1
by the way i had a screen problem when i tried to reproduce the issue. After i alt+tabed and wrote this ticket the screen goes wierd. I uploaded it's result.

Yep, I'm able to reproduce it now. Thanks a lot for precise repro.

Should be fixed tommorow in dev version.

Mass close.