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"Repeatedly" triggers are not firing more than once.
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When I have set a trigger to "Repeatedly" it is not actually firing off past the first time. For example I have two triggers and side swap modules. Left one is set up to swap "anyone" who triggers it to being Opfor. The other one swaps "anyone" to Bluefor. I start out as Bluefor and walk into the one that transfers me to Opfor.. Now the bluefor AI's name is in red, aka an enemy. I move to the other one and hes a friend again (green). I move back to the enemy one and it does nothing. I have tried with other purposes for triggers and they never fire more than once. {F18324}


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Create a "Anyone" trigger and set it to "Repeatedly" and use it for any purpose you want. Walk into the trigger multiple times and see, as in my example, that you are unable to make the trigger fire off more than the one time, even though "Repeatedly" has been selected.

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So far this is halting my experiments with trying to get to grips with more than basic editor abilities.

Please include your mission. Go to <i>Documents\ArmA 3 Alpha\missions</i> and compress <i><your mission name>.Stratis</i> to a ZIP file and upload it here.

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They never repeat unless the condition changes.

You need to change the condition so it resets.

round (time %1) == 1

another way is set a variable to true,

in a gamelogic init
loop = true

this and loop

on act

on deac
loop = true

Mission included. You have an enemy in front of you who will not kill you due to a module I put in for the purposes of testing. You see two arrows in front of you, a red one and a blue one. You are blue already and he is opfor (red) so he is your enemy which you will see if you hit tilda ~ and point at him. He is a red name enemy. If you run through the red arrow and wait a second and look around and then tilda on him and wait you will see he is a green friendly now. Ok, so you run to the blue one and he becomes a red enemy. Now run back to the red one and hes still an enemy.

Same behind you theres a red orb. Walk into it and it sets the time + 12 hours. Run into it again and it does nothing.

Yet this should work. I can do this technique with one for hiding a group of AI and one for unhiding them and I can go back and forth all day and they hide and show, hide and show.. This clearly is a bug.

I have experienced this with setting a trigger activation to opfor, detected by blufor and a timeout between 10-20 secs, repeatedly. It will not reset, it only fires off once as if it were a simple countdown.

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