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Rocket launcher loader.
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If you are an AT soldier you could get help with your reload. Lets say one person in the group has some rockets in his backpack while the AT soldier is out of rockets. Instead of having the AT soldier going in his backpack and fetch a new rocket or he put a rocket in AT soldiers backpack, the other soldier could be able to reload the rocket launcher directly while it is used by the AT soldier. More like in real life.
Sorry if I shouldn't post this here, its not in game.


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You can not right now.

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Well, i won't pretend to know how it's done in real life but it was a nice thing when i played darkest hour (the red orchestra mod).
Back then it also allowed for a shorter reload time.

Really nice idea, but you would have to consider the launcher in question though, like the NLAW is actually disposable and can't be loaded at all! Although I have to say this would be very complicated in-game, especially with our bumbling AI friends. I wouldn't want to rely on them to get my launcher loaded. I think this could simply be added as an additional way to load the launcher with the current method still usable.

True, I wouldn't trust an ai either. But, it would be a nice multiplayer feature. Yes, I was also thinking in addtion to the current method.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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