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Auto reload of launcher weapons (dangerous in a fire fight)
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When you pick up an empty rocket launcher like NLAW and then pick up a rocket it automaticly reloads. The character then puts his weapon on his back, switches to the rocket launcher, put it in ready position (dont know the english word), reloads it, put it in ready position, put the rocket launcher on the back and finaly take the wepon from his back. Under this process you can't do anything else and this takes about 8 seconds. That is deadly in a fire fight.
I suggest take away the autoreload process atleast so you can reload when you feel its safe.

With a pistol in hand when you do this it's faster but still, the auto reload can be enoying in the wrong circumstances.
And also, if you just want to reload the launcher you wouldnt want to waste time putting your weapon on the back, just let it hang in the sling.


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Place a us basic ammo box on the ground. Equip a rocket launcher, equip a rocket.
Have a main weapon like MX 6.5 mm or something when you do this. With a pistol its faster.

Or just equip a rocket launcher and then a rocket.

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Just a note. You can just put the rocket in your backpack. But still you are stuck for the period of time when the soldier is switching reloading, and the unnecessary part where he wastes time fiddeling with his assault rifle.

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Yep voted up!
Not only is it dangerous and takes a long time, but you also automatically stand up when it gets in that loading animation instead of crouched. Also it does not load any visible round, it is only an animation that loads an invisible round. When selecting a weapon in an ammo box you should keep your last used weapon active.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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