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probability of presence
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I want to be able to trigger a unit´s probability of presence, to true of false during game play.


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I don't see your problem, min bar means it never shows and max means it's there all the time.

If you want to remove it later just use DeleteVehicle Unitsname

Or are you claiming it's broken?

No it isn´t broken. I can´t use the probability of presence for a trigger, like set fuel to zero, because there is no command for that. I want to use a trigger to set the unit to true or false while in game. You can´t trigger the units probability of presence to true while the mission is running.

I hope you can understand this. Bad English.

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Why would you do that? the propability of presence is used while mission loads, after that, its hardcoded and can not be changed. either use a spawnscript or the deletevehicle command, but changing the probability of presence while the mission is already running leads to nowhere. this is not a bug, and certainly it would not add a feature.

please look in the BIS forums for the scripting commands and use them.

to edit the fuel you can use the "setfuel" command.

unitsname setfuel 0; or unitsname setfuel 1; or anything between.

and other commands work similar.

it would make spawning groups easier, if you can just set them on the map. Set the probability of presence to 0 and than trigger the unit with probability of presence 1. why is that so hard to understand?

spawning a unit with scripts is to much work for such an common task.

Or make a new option called, Trigger spawn or something.

The probability of presence feature works as intended, so this is not a bug (certainly not an "urgent" one). Spawning groups dynamically also has nothing to do with it.