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General anti-cheat thoughts
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I'm no expert, but for what it's worth, I thought I'd throw out some thoughts. I don't expect anything.

  1. Rules enforced server-side
  2. An option for servers to restrict players. All scripts restricted by default unless explicitly allowed by the mission or server / Client requests server to run a certain script which it will by default deny unless it is allowed in its internal library.
  • Option for server to only accept essential data. Say, Positional, ballistics, inventory and firing data etc.
  1. Option for sanity-checking (may be too resource heavy to be feasible)

Things to sanity-check:

  • Players maintaining perfect aim
  • Targeting other players perfectly or moving the camera suspiciously many pixels or degrees between frames perfectly onto a target
  • Targeting players through walls
  • Firing faster than possible
  • Hitting or killing targets that cannot be hit
  • Player reporting to be at a position impossibly far from his last, not caused by script or server (teleporting)

Might also be hard work, but this form of cheat detection will never be obsolete as newer cheat versions are released or updated.


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this isn't a discussion forum

Please only post one bug report or feature request per ticket.

Requests regarding the anti-cheat solution are to be left until it has actually been implemented.