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Minor sound noise bug in arma 3 menu and editor
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I've just noticed a low but still very annoying sound bug that sounds like static noise or interference. I thought it was my headset, but it's only in the menu and in the editor. Actually when you zoom further in, in the editor the noise gets increased in volume a bit, and higher frequency. It's just a small issue but it's a bit annoying when you notice it. Again, it sounds like static noise or interference from magnetic sources that disrupts your speakers and headphones. I have not noticed it in-game but only in the menu and editor.


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Static sound in editor and menu

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I can tell what this is. it is not the game, its not the editor.

This is your powersupply in the computer. Its a known problem to myself. but if u listen to youre pc when scrolling in the editor on the end of the tower, if u have tower. You will hear this squizing sound, quite annoying but low. its different sound come when you scroll right?

Change to a bigger powersupply and the problem is solved;)
I did not, and still have that sound like i had in arma 2, :) Cheeerz

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