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Add individual sliders for Vehicle sounds
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Please add individual sliders for vehicle sounds. I have a high-end sound system and the vehicle sounds are just far too loud in comparison to other sounds. This makes it particularly difficult when using teamspeak and requires constant adjustment of sound levels to compensate. Including a slider for vehicle sounds (including helicopters) would alleviate this problem. It's not only the volume of some sounds but also the rather harsh and unprofessionally adjusted sound levels of vehicles, with horrid equalisation especially in the low to mid range (50-300hz) with these levels being far to high.


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I have a high quality sound system (very high end) and the sounds of vehicles are not only too loud, but have too much mid-range bass. I can watch or listen to any dvd, music and other games without issues (even at rather loud volumes), but in arma 2 and now arma 3 sound levels and eq gains on vehicles are just far too harsh and literally cause speakers to vibrate noisily under the stress. I must emphasise having a 720W RMS sound system with high-end speakers, I love things loud, but vehicle sounds are not only too loud but have such harsh eq adjustments that it's really a concern, ie too harsh, overly high levels of mid-range bass sounds. It may have to do with the actual recordings but as a musician also, I can say with surety I could myself do a better job of equalizing and normalising some of these sounds.

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