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Change Combat Pace toggle and Walk or Run toggle Transposed.
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The walk or run toggle key toggles your slowest walk and the Change Combat Pace toggle key changes between combat pace and running. Seems like an easy fix by the player by changing his controls, but it actually inhibits intuitive movement.

The change combat pace key should change between slow walk and combat pace, while pressing the key bound to Walk or Run should put you into a run regardless of combat pace or slow walk.

The way it is now, the change combat pace toggle key changes between combat pace and run, so if you're slow walking, and you get shot and and want to run, pressing the change combat pace key, only switches between combat pace and run in the background, so you remain in a slow walk unless you press the walk or run key again as well; if in the background you are in combat pace, pressing the walk or run key will only move you out of slow walk and into combat pace, so if you want to run, you will also have to hit the change combat pace key as well.


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If you're in a combat pace, pressing your change combat pace key puts you into a run.

Go to slow walking speed. Intuitively, pressing the same key (change combat pace toggle) that took you from fast walk to run should also take you from slow walk to run. It does not, it merely changes between combat pace and run in the background.

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To remedy, the current relationship between combat pace and running should be the relationship between combat pace and slow walking.

The relationship that slow walking currently has to combat pace and running should be the relationship running has to combat pace and slow walk.

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I get your description, but how should run -> sprint work with this?

the turbo key (sprint) has no problem, because it overrides all of the paces.

In other words, how it should be is, change combat pace toggle should switch between walking and fast walking, running should override walking and fast walking, and sprinting should override walking, fast walking, and running.

As it is now, change combat pace toggle switches between walking and fast walking, slow walking overrides fast walking and running, and sprinting overrides fast walking, running, and slow walking.

Ok, so you mean like this (Keys are just examples)



(W+S) Combat Run(With crossair)
(W+S) Combat Walk

So basically, Run and Sprint are used the same way as separate keys, but maybe if sprint was so bad to use you would only use it in emergencies and run is good for long distance traveling.

Agree. "Combat pace"(C) should cancel Toggle Walk.

anyway, dupe of #1817

Yes, Stalker, you're correct. The reason that run is sometimes used rather than sprint is because in short distance like 2 meter to quickly get behind cover, running is enough, and sprint can sometimes cause you to overshoot your cover: if you change your direction at the end of your sprint by around 90 degrees, the animation automatically causes you to continue strafing in your original sprinting direction for a good meter or two. Running, however, is as controllable as combat pace or walking.

Also apologize for the dupe, but that issue report doesn't mention that pressing the change combat pace key is changing between run and combat pace in the background, as you're walking. This should stay somewhat the same, except it should instead change between walking and combat pace, as you're running. The other report just assumes that one key decreases your pace, and the other key increases your pace.

Yeah, it really becomes obvious to me now that combat run and combat walk should be overrided by the run key and separate keys. I was playing today and it was as if I naturally wanted to switch from combat walk to combat run and it went strait to run and it made me think of this issue. Just +1nd

The way you tried to explain it was confusing. A simple chart would do :)

Yeah sorry for that. I really wanted to express that it isn't an issue of improper key binding or improper naming of the keys, but that the coding was actually improperly placed.

Ignoring the description and just looking at the steps to reproduce and the additional notes makes the issue a little more clear, I hope.

  1. I would like to set my default speed to be walk.
  1. I would like to toggle with a key between walk and tactical.
  1. I would like to be able to hold that same key to run.
  1. I would like to drop to tactical after the run key is released, not to be forced to remember whether I had walk or tactical before I started to run.

That would be the most intuitive way to handle this for me. I want it, I need it. BIS please fix it.

That is exactly what I'm trying to say Psychomorph, thanks for understanding! In fact, if they address the issue I described with the remedy I described, they could apply the same thing to the "change combat pace" and "walk or run" keys, and you could very well have the controls you've described, with the solution I described. Great how that works isn't it?

Hopefully a better explanation of the current situation:

The change combat pace toggle key currently switches between two paces (1 and 2), while the walk or run toggle key puts you in a third pace (3) that overrides 1 and 2. While you are in 3, pressing the change combat pace key will still switch between 1 and 2, but you will still be in 3. when you press the walk or run toggle key, you will leave 3 and go into either 1 or 2, depending on which one you were in before you entered 3 and how many times you pressed the change combat pace toggle key while you were in 3.

As it is now, 1 and 2 is combat pace and run, while 3 is walk. it should be 1 and 2 is walk and combat pace, and 3 is run. Hopefully this makes more sense.

If run key is separate, you can make it a toggle or a hold. Cause I would rather toggle cause I run long distances

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