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After playing Far Cry 3 it would be nice if the ArmA 3 engine was capable of having caves. I think Joint Operations had them and they add another element to combat. Tunnel rat warfare, now that the CQB controls are better, would be pretty intense.

Just something that would be nice to have in the full version of the game or an expansion.


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IIRC, the reason there aren't any underground structures in ARMA is related to how terrain is generated. Ground level is defined by a height map, and nothing can be below that. There are ways to get around it, but they have some significant flaws (one is thoroughly incompatible with the AI). I think the terrain system also places water based on "sea level," which is why there aren't any rivers or inland lakes.

Caves would we kind of stupid because caves are usually uninhabited so why would you need one to walk through? My post on a bunker system would be suited for the game since the bunker doors are already set up.

Caves are not uninhabited in a mountainous region during wartime. What is a bunker system but a man-made cave?

Yes a bunker system would just be man made caves. But in a real life scenario like Afghanistan insurgents did stay in the caves in the mountains but Stratis is based in Greece and since it is in the future its a fairly rich country today so people wouldnt be living in caves.

No one said they had to be living there, either. They could simply be caching supplies there and going there to resupply or using them as bases of operation. Natural resources get used in hard times. Being in Greece would only INCREASE the likelihood they would get used, what with the bad economy.

Any ideas are good, as we have the editor to play around with.
So just let your imagination run wild !!

Furthermore, just because Stratis is based on Greece doesn't mean someone won't create an Afghanistan based map, upvoted.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Wow, I am glad this was looking at by devs. Hoping its a feature in the full game.

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I have to say that I currently love the cave on Stratis
There's no reason not to have more like this on Altis

There are caves on Altis, but I think they are bunkers under rock formations, not spaces below the ground :(. I know because of the cave on Stratis.

I want to live in a cave.