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Marker problems
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When doing custom missions on editor, sometimes the VISIBLE markers simply disappear with no reason. After updating my missions the markers simply gone. Its really annoying. Mods like UPSMON still working with this markers but it is no visible. {F18267}


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Try the Editor, place multiple markers and play. Sometimes its still, sometimes doesn't.

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When do the markers fail to appear? When you preview the mission in the editor?

Could you also please attach the affected mission so others can try to reproduce?

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The markers fail to appears during the playing itself. I like to do big red elipses that goes green when something is acomplished and some markers for indication. In this case, some markers simply don't show up. Happens also on preview.

Funny thing is - Appears correctly on briefing.
PS: I saw one marker disapears in front of my eyes when zooming in/out on editor (???)
im sending the pbo.

thanks for answer!

Markers used by UPSMON are automatically set to fully transparent. Is that what you encounter ?

Solved. Like Varanon said, upsmon was hidding the markers.
My bad.

Closed case.

No longer an issue.