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Make feedback tracker a feedback tracker
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Give the ability to post issues only to members who have a (forum) account that is older than 1 month.

Perhaps allow new members only to vote.

The truth is that tracker is being flooded with extremely important and adequate issues like "civilians can buy lasers that allow them to set people on fire so why don't we have them in ArmA?", "The word 'war' on a loading screen caused me a deep psychological trauma" and "make grenades explode trees for immershunz" en masse - which in turn covers the actual important issues which usually have only 1 ticket per each and as a result are hard to find.

It appears that a lot of new people have no idea what game they are buying and giving them one month to get familiar with it will ensure that even if the tracker won't be pure - it will be much cleaner.


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Keep the tracker clean - help yourself, help all of us.

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So people like me who have been playing Arma since Arma 2 first came out, has reported multiple bugs, but never set up a forum account would basically be screwed? Sorry buddy, this isn't a members only thing.

In that case there should be some better moderation. Because it's too tiring looking for 'good features' while digging through the sea of really bad suggestions and complaints like in examples above.

I really want to find good stuff to vote for but it's just impossible to find it unless someone points to it on forums.

Perhaps BIS needs to moderate the tracker better?

Dev-heaven was (and is) great and moderators did a great job keeping it on track. ArmA3 feedback tracker is just pure chaos.

Yes, definitely needs better moderation as I also get sick of people making complaints about "hit boxes" or "inaccurate aim" because they don't understand zeroing and bullet trajectory. Or like you said, they want to add unrealistic effects to make it look cooler. It's stupid, but that's not the majority of the feedback. At least that I've seen. I've seen several good suggestions and plenty of tickets pointing out bugs and glitches.

The more people able to submit tickets, the faster bugs and issues will be found and fixed.

The vast majority of useless tickets at this point are the duplicates. I have already spent >22 hours in the last week closing almost 1000 of the roughly 1350 closed tickets, so you can stick your "better moderation" where the sun don't shine. If anything, we just need *more* moderators due to the high volume of tickets.

As for the feature requests, there's a fine line when deciding if something is truly "objectively useless" or whether you're simply biased.

As MadDog says, the biggest issue is the unfortunate lack of moderators at the moment. Perhaps BIS should seek volunteers from the community, if only to hunt down and close the insane amount of duplicates present.

Until that happens, we all can help by reporting the duplicates ourselves by adding a note with a link to the earlier ticket. For example:

Duplicate of #<issue number>

I also can't help but point out that the irony of this ticket is not lost on me.

Most critique argumentz have their subtle reasons, you may not always comprehend it. I do not always comprehend myself and just let those reports be.

I personally never meant Moderators are doing a subpar job. My meaning of better moderation was more scrutiny of what's truly an issue, and what is not. As I was saying before, I've seen several tickets where people just don't understand the game mechanics. Such as one person complaining about how your own grenade won't kill you failed to realize that that was due to the difficulty setting. Or one guy complaining that a bullet he fired was going over the head of the target he was aiming at because he doesn't understand the arc of a bullet as it leaves the barrel. I've also seen a few tickets of people complaining about the bullets they fire hitting whatever cover they're behind because they don't understand that the barrel itself, not just the sights, need to be clear of any obstruction.

More Moderators is the same as better moderation. It wasn't a personal attack, MadDog.

It might be an idea to insert a very simple word "search" page before people are allowed to proceed to submit their issue so that people are channeled to check for duplicates. At least then we could justifiably call them time wasters for not checking first.

At the moment there is no search header, no search option on the "Main" page, no search option on the "My View" page or "Report Issue" page and the "View Issues" page has a bedazzling, if useful, array of filters where most filter field entries persist from one search to the next.

The search function is less than optimal anyway, since you can't decide which parts of the tickets you want to search through (for example just the title and/or description). Comments are always included in the text search aswell, which means you get loads of unrelated issues in the results. Very annoying when looking for dupes.

There are a couple of other issues that have already been brought to the devs attention, but it's unclear how much can be done about them in a reasonable time frame.

@ExploitedYouth: thanks for the clarification. :)

I think as of right now the only things in an alpha that should be worried about are critical features such as windows 8 not meshing real well and thats the next big OS and other game craashing items that cause players the inability to play at all. Then when its beta actually no when its released people can worry about female models or whether or not they get tired in their left leg fast than their right leg because they are crouch sprinting while leaning left!

i dunno, new players might have some important input to share

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I agree with the OP. There is too much junk on here. The problem is that an important point will get made but only have 6 votes because before you know it, there are 200 new posts.

I've avoided making any forum account with an official ARMA/BIS site/forum, for many obvious reasons, I prefer people @ TacticalGamer, ARMAHOLIC over this "community", but I've been playing since OFP on my old POS PC that could barely run it. Feedback DEFINITELY needs moderation though, it's turning into facebook on here.

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We shouldn't exclude people because they were not involved in the community before and taking away the right to report issues when they just bought the game or registered in the forum/tracker. People might loose interest when they're only allowed to report something after so many weeks.

But I agree that some changes have to be done to the tracker and/or reporting issues. Partly there's lack of understanding what tags are for and how they are used ("your freedom ends where my rights begin").

More moderators would be a good start. So far everyone involved has done a tremendous job I'd say. And lets be honest, it's not ideal but we are complaining on a high level. :)


I played OpFlash, ArmA, ArmA2 and now ArmA3. I have no account on this forum.
Why shouldn't I be able to post issues?

I think this can be closed now.