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Friends cannot join multiplayer session
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I set up a multiplayer "server" and a friend of mine tried to join but he just wasn´t able to do so. Tee feedback was just: connection failed. same when I try to join a game hosted by him.

Strange thing is I can conncet to basically every other server.
Btw we already had the same problem in arma 2.


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yeah i've had this problem as well, both in arma 2 and 3. can't join a friend's game and can't join lan games.

doesn't look like it's going to be fixed any time soon.(adding fish and snakes is serious work you know, can't be bothered by trivial 4yr old issues)

You're the minority. They're not gonna spend hours fixing something only a handful of people are experiencing.

It probably even just comes down to you not having ports forwarded.

host a lan game then come back here and tell me what happens. this has affected a large number of users going back to arma 2(and probably arma 1), and it's one of those game-engine things that can only be fixed by devs, not through an addon or mod. the feedback tracker was designed for these very issues, not "LOL i can't hit my target because i don't understand zeroing" which seems to be the trend nowadays.

naizarak I really feel with you.
it is just a shame to being not able to use the most important part of arma due to
technicall issues in really basic stuff

MulleDK I also see your point, it would be very nice if you could maybe help me somehow with my problem.


Do you know what port forwarding is?
If you have a router, it will block any incoming connection on ports you haven't forwarded.

Basically, if you're hosting, you must enable port forwarding on the ports used by the game.

Ok thank you, would be awsome if you could recommand a guide about this or somethink liike this about forwarding these ports.

Oh I also found out that it could be my router´s fault, it is a thomson... [^]

Choose your router model (or the one closest to), then select ARMA 2. They don't have ARMA 3 listed, but the guide is the same. Don't mind it saying XBOX360 in front of the name. But use the ports from here instead of the ports it lists

ok thank you

Duplicate of #3863.