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Your own grenade only hurts you
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When you throw grenade, you can even lie on that grenade and it will not blow your head, only injure you.
Grenade will kill you only when you are badly hurt.


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In my experience this only happens if you have extended armor on.

This has to do with difficulty settings. Try setting the difficulty to Elite and doing it.

Difficulty/armor, still, it is insane to lie on grenade and not die, what is real on that?

difficulty setting is not realistic in the 1st your argument that difficulty doesn't matter..well it does bc its designed to help you w/stand injury anyway. I would go w/ ExploitedYouth and up the difficulty to be the "realistic" setting.

kinda like how a lower difficulty has 3rd person..

I agree, that this is by design. I guess a forum discussion would be more appropriate.