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Game Options will not be saved / Difficult Changes / Colors
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I tried many times to change the difficult to Veteran or Elite and deaktivate the crossair and map markers of enemy positions with no luck.

I make all changes and press on "ok" but i think the changes will not be saved ?!
Crossair is still visible and when i go back to game Options all changes a set back to default.


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Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to Options -> Game
  2. Change difficult to something else and press ok
  3. again go to Options -> Game

Same inGame
in the right down corner the difficulte never changes after i make the changes in the options.

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I cannot replicate. Changing difficulties and colors works just fine on my part. NOTE:
If you are trying to change difficulty in MP environment, then that is governed by server settings and NOT client(s)

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i tryed to change my difficult in Editor .. or without starting anithing ... and change it in the main menu ... but nothing happens

i'm not able to alter the difficulty in any way.. neither difficulty options .. nor change the difficulty for editor missions / showcase missions.

am i doing it wrong?

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same with aiming deadzone...wokrs once and after a game restart it resets

I can reproduce but <b>only</b> in the development branch, namely <b>0.51.103185</b>. The issue is not present in 0.5.102571 stable.

I tried editing my profile manually but those settings were overwritten upon restarting the game as well.

i use the dev. Build from today 0.53.103342 and the problem isnt fixed.

But i have a workaround ...

Start game as stable build.... change the difficult settings of your chioce
redownload the dev. build...

that works for me for now ... anyway i hope they will fix that soon.

muf added a comment.Mar 29 2013, 4:08 PM

Saving difficulty is currently broken (0.52.103507 stable). We're working on the fix.
Note that refreshing difficulty indicator in Showcases, Scenarios and Pause Menu (opened by pressing Esc ingame) after difficulty was changed, is still WIP.

Same problem here, I can´t change anything in options menu. Only controls are quite changeable, but still most of changes made to control mapping still doesn´t work.

muf added a comment.Mar 30 2013, 2:33 PM

Should be fixed in tomorrow's dev version.

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