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Cannot open custom missions in editor
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Hey! I made some missions in editor prior to switching to the DEV version of the game. Now when trying to edit the missions, I get this message:

"You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.A3_Soft_F_Galkin"

Is this the norm when switching versions?


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission in regular mode;
Switch to DEV mode;
Try and play or edit the mission.

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Has anyone else been experiencing this?

can't say i have but i normally get that message if i am missing some content so if you made your missions with mods implemented then maybe somehow when you switched versions your mods disabled hence the error

if not then my only other guess is that the DEV mode is missing something that the original alpha had (but i didn't have any trouble switching and i have made 13+ missions in the stable alpha which work in the DEV mode).

This is because the Ifrit used to be called Galkin, and they changed the name internally in one of the dev builds.

You need to open um the affected mission.sqm files in a text editor and look for the word "Galkin". (Should be up at the top, as part of a list of other things). Simply delete the string(s) containing "Galkin" from that list - then you should be able to open the mission.

I recommend making a copy of your mission files before you do this. Just in case. ;)

This work.
This is how you fix it.

1). right click on your mission.sqm
2). use notepad to edit it.
3). in the top of notepad choose "replace"
4). In the new window type ( case sensitive )

in the lower box type

5). Press "replace everything"

  1. save and exit notepad.

7). open the arma 3 editor. You will now see an error but just click okay.

    now you should be able to view your 2d mission and edit everything.
    you might need to delete and replace your previous cars/vehicles ect. just
    to be safe...

Sincerely Delevero.