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Have a realistic pistol whip out option while you have a rocket launcher in use.
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Just like you can do with binoculars looking down range while holding the rocket launcher.

This time have the pistol ready for close combat if you dont have time to pull the rifle out.

Would of been neat to have the other night when I shot a ifrit close range and then opfor snuck up in front of me from downhill during the night.

What you all think?


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one downvote...

what ya expect to do??? use the rocket launcher and blow him up close to you?? smhhh..

ok so for the downvoters explain why this would be bad?

great idea, its really bad in arma 2 too, you sneak up with at 4 ready for ambush, and ive you go point cause of the at you get around a corner and just get blown by ak. good idea :D

I think it's a good idea, but I think it would be better if there was the option to drop the launcher altogether and draw the pistol, then later have to pick up the launcher again from the ground, as would be done in real life. I believe the downvoters are simply afraid the this could give too much of an arcade feel if not implemented properly, like how call of duty does. Calm down AJackson92, maybe you could be a bit clearer with your descripton so that people will not misunderstand you?

jackson, that's exactly what these downvoting mouthbreathers would do. and bis accommodates it by not putting in a minimal arming distance for the rockets and missiles. it's pathetic.

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I'd vote to drop the launcher and draw pistol.

ED that does not sound bad at all either.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think there should be like an "Emergency secondary weapon button" where you literally drop whatever you're holding and pull out a sidearm. Obviously only available when you have a secondary weapon and upon pressing the button you will put your current object in your hand down and quickly draw your pistol. The item you drop will be left on the floor for you to pick up after the danger has passed. For example, emptying a magazine in your main gun/rifle you have no time to reload and must pull out a sidearm, you drop the weapon and pull out the sidearm. Maybe you don't drop it, due to misfires, but put it down as quickly as possible. Or something. Just thought it would be a cool idea that could help in close quarters combat or something.

Thanks Khan let the community know how it turns out :)

I think there should be like an "Emergency secondary weapon button" [...]