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Random but somewhat organized "grab bag" of gameplay thoughts..
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My thoughts in Alpha turn to game play.

Why should there be a engineer around to fix a flat?

There is a FRIGGING spare tire STRAPPED to the vehicle somewhere. Hell if you lost TWO tires, unstrap a bunch of tires, throw it into the pickup truck (Make them Useful for one...) and drive them to the stranded Hunter in the enemy lines or whatever.

Or even STEAL a enemy tire. Perhaps sink a enemy knife into a OPFOR vehicle tire.

By now I have walked across entire game worlds. I have driven fast and hard trying to get to the battle only to see the AO On the map turn Blue and the red square pop up near the place you just drove from to here.

We have a few vehicles. Great. We have a few helis. Awesome. Even a few boats.

However I recognize this is an alpha. I also recognize signs of burn out and boredom due to the unchanging game world. More or less.

Today the player selection menu changed to reflect Artillery, Rapier work. I was happy to go to work. Rolled up sleeves and spawned. Nothing.

Maybe later tonight we will actually be given something to work with.


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Hi there!

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Random thoughts aren't really useful in a ticket - the idea is to create one report for each clearly defined issue or feature request (after searching to make sure a similar ticket doesn't already exist). :)

Closing this one.