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Dual tube nightvision in game, UI shows single tube
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In game we seem to have dual tube night vision goggles for all the soldiers, but when we turn on the nightvision, we are limited to a center circle, which means it's depicting a single tube nightvision.

Should be a simple fix.


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Turn on nightvision

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I never used NVGs in RL, so I cannot say exactly how it is looking through one of them. But I looked through binocs and, granted that I don't know much about optics, while this is "double tubed" too, I can see a single "ellipsoid" in my FOV only. My brain just takes two images and generates one. Seems reasonable to me so far.

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Addendum: If you really want to have "two tubes" in your FOV, then it would technically show almost the same Image, just one for your left and from a slightly different perspective for your right eye (look alternately through your right and left eye for example). So there would be no real gain in gameplay. It just makes no sense. Downvote

i've used NVG with two tubes, but your brain makes one image out of them. it's like looking through binoculars.

The NVG view in-game has been discussed a lot and deemed correct in its current form.

Unless you have a concrete suggestion as to how it can be improved, this is a non-issue.