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AI improvement/battle planner/map placement
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I must apologize for my last post. I must report one thing at a time.

The AI needs a sense of direction. I am sure there are posts about this, but I have a way of solving it. I'll narrow it down by talking about the introduction to the infantry on the single player portion.

a simple fix for the AI who are defending an objective, in this case a town, there should be a clear position that allows the enemy to utilize his weapon system to its fullest. Ie, a machine gunner, sniper, grenadier should be located in an elevated position. You could also give multiple options to the AI, allowing them to be randomly placed in key positions do that the scenario is different every time.

When the AI gets attacked, they should not leave their positions unless counter attacking or retreating. Once the first round is fired, the enemy should be firing consistently, attempting to win fire superiority. Whether the rounds are actually effective or not doesn't matter.

I am not saying make the AI extremely smart. if anything, make them more dumb.


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Move into position where the enemy sees you. They will run recklessly and leave their position. When they engage you, sometimes you can't even see them, sometimes you exchange rounds

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This report still needs to be condensed into its core statement. Right now it is still quite vague and there are too many tangents. ;)

The gist of your post (as I understand it) seems to be that AI should use more suppressive fire and prefer to hold their positions in combat, instead of running out into the open to attack, correct?

If so, I would like to edit the title and description accordingly.

Yes, but the way it can be solved is by using a different way to set up the scenario. I forgot to include sectors of fire which could help create a more feasible defense for the AI with out having to do much to them at all.

I'm sorry I'm so broad. It is a very difficult thing to perfect this sort of game. I hope that I am not spamming your forum.

I keep getting a screen that says your session had become invalid.

If you can change the title and description, that's fine by me.

Looks like you've created a new report for this here: #0005473.

Therefore closing this one. :)