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ctrlText and lbCurSel not working
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The commands ctrlText and lbCurSel do not seem to be working but are still recognized by the game as valid commands.

What I mean is; if you are running the game with -showScriptErrors, the commands won't trigger an error message but will return a <null> result.

The scripts I'm using have been working in life missions Arma2 for years.

Thank you
Czech Mate


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These commands are working perfectly for me in my UI in Arma 3. Perhaps post some code to see if it's just a minor issue in change of syntax?

Hi; thanks for responding.

action = "[0, 0, 0, [""create"", (ctrlText 1)]] execVm ""gangs.sqf""; closedialog 0;";

(line 521 in maindialogs.hpp - AAA Zargabad Life version)

This is the action from life missions to create gangs. If I'm not mistaken, ctrlText 1 is suppose to read the name of the gang that you typed in. The dialog itself is working and pressing this action executes "gangs.sqf" properly, it just doesn't read what you typed in (passes " " to "gangs.sqf").

buttonSetAction [2, "[lbData [1, (lbCurSel 1)],""buy""] execVM ""impound.sqf"";"];};

(line 244 in maindialogs.sqf - AAA Zargabad Life version)

This action is suppose to select the vehicle out of the list of impounded vehicles in life missions. Again, the dialog list works correctly with all impounded vehicles being correctly listed. And pressing the action properly executes "impound.sqf", but this time it passes "-1" no matter what you select in the list.

I do hope it is just a change of syntax.

I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of breaking up those statements into defined variables, and then using those, vs having a long line of functions getting variables, because they can have some odd syntax issues, ie

getposATL _x select 1; // <- This errors out, because the _x is an array. It doesn't get the position of the object in index 1, because the getposATL function only cares about the first righthand operand.


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Hey Czech Mate,

I just spent way too much time fixing this exact problem.

In your RscDefines file under RscButton class add:

onButtonClick = "true;";

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mods please file this issue under trash ;-)

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.