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ALT to rotate view - should allow me to look straight backwards.
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Currently you can rotate the view around but it stops at about 150 degrees or so. I want to be able to rotate to the full 180 degrees. So I do an attack run in my chopper and then as I fly away, I can rotate the view and see directly behind me.

I know you can do this with the DEL key to engage tactical mode or whatever, but it really should be part of the normal view rotate key. I have wanted this for years.


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Get in a vehicle, drive or fly and go in external view. Then hold ALT and move mouse and try to look backwards.

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I think they are trying to simulate real field of vision as IRL you cannot look straight back when turning your neck. You have to turn your entire body to look behind you completely. Remember ArmA is a military simulator not some stupid bf3 or call of duty, they are trying to make this realistic.

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I can see an argument for getting this in a vehicle external view ("Realism" is a difficult card to play when the viewpoint's 20m away from the vehicle the player's in), but it should *never* be available for infantry.

My preference is to leave it as-is. The best time for a camera-facing-directly-backwards in external view is for machinima, not actual games, and there are other options for the video makers.

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Oinky, did you even read my post? We are talking about 3rd person views here, that in itself is not realistic unless you are having an out of body experience. You can already look behind you in 3rd person, but like I said, only about 150 degrees. Again, this is already NOT realistic, so nothing wrong with adding the extra 40 degrees.

And it's also a mute point anyway seeing as you can just press DEL and view any angle you want. So stop being an elitist and change your vote.

Oinky is right. The dev's are trying to simulate real field of vision. Whether that is in 1st person or 3rd person. Yes, it would be nice to look straight back. However, in real life you just can not do that. Sure I think a lot of us would love to see the ability to look straight back, but with ARMA being a battle simulation this would not fit into the criteria of REAL Life.

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No he is not right. You can already look back in 3rd person, so you have no point.

Yes, by design.