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OPFOR infantry patrols on Escape from Stratis act as though they are set to careless
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In Coop, on Escape from Stratis, I can be standing right in front of patrolling enemy AI, and they will not even go hostile toward me until I start shooting them. They will *look* at me, even if I'm two meters in front of a guy on my belly, but they don't shoot. This occurs in AI infantry patrols in the wild on the south east part of the island, with the AI set to default settings. This behavior seems to resemble careless behavior, but actually isn't set to careless. {F18212}


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Go to co-10 Escape from Stratis, with default AI settings, and wait until you encounter some OPFOR AI. Note this is most effective when you are far away from your squad.

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The open area patrols are placed directly in the editor, with a bunch of random placement radius MOVE waypoints and a cycle waypoint, the first waypoint for each patrol having behaviour set to SAFE and speed to LIMITED.

Either it is something that causes the AI to turn into being 'careless', or it is the 'site' modules doing something weird to AI local to them.

Did the problems occur at/near a base or town, or out in the wild?

It was happening out in the wild on the south eastern part of the island. It appears to have been the AI module, as this only happened with groups of 2-3 enemy men.

Some placed patrols are random size (2-4 men). Also all placed 'site' modules are only local to bases and villages/towns.

Edit: Also there are no scripts in the mission that sets AI to careless, so reasonably boils down to either AI FSM getting stuck/shutting down, or low FPS causing AI to dumb down for some reason or another.

I'm not sure then, in my opinion it's worth looking more in to though.

Edit: I was playing the mission alone, with nothing but AI backing me up, trying to skirt around the south east end of the island.

I just attached a repro mission. Initially AI will go in to combat, but later on nobody wants to shoot anybody as frame rate drops, while I confirmed that the Iranians still have plenty of ammo.

well, just to many trolls attacking BIS on this my bad.

I also noticed this last night playing w/ no AI and one friend.

It looks like the OutPost Site Module(outlook or something). bc its 4 guys standing close and others in surroundings..

they did not fight multiple areas of the map. even the airport was no resistence

this actually happened in arma2 very often. I really dont know why it does.

I just hope they fix bc its kind of a "showcase" mission.

No worries, I just at times like to joke around a bit. There was some discussion going on in Skype, but I think this has to do with the AI, not the module. The repro mission doesn't use modules.

True, I agree it doesnt have to do with modules.. bc I have seen this many of times in Arma2 with just groups and waypoints. I guess it just seems like modules bc of the way the men were standing in the specific area.

I know on arma2, if there are too many AI they will also do this

ok, please note Im not here to go against you. I agree w/ the Escape from Stratis mission issue.

on your sample reproduction mission you have set a very high number of groups in close range w/ each other and the opposition.

this for sure makes the AI act stange.. just like in arma2. I think its bc they have too many targets and you simple are not one of them.

I made the exact mission with just two groups per side and a major difference. full combat mode from both sides.

I think you repro is actually good for other issues but doesnt reflect the Escape mission very well..

to duplicate just reduce your groups to two a side

The theory I was testing with the repro mission was that it was framerate related. The repro mission brings my system to a crawl. Ironically I was only trying to screw around when I made that mission.

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