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Classes don't work
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The Medic class doesn't make you able to heal (except if you have a Medikit like any other class) and the Repair Specialist doesn't make you able to repair any vehicle (except with a Repair Kit like any other class).


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Bohemia added a subscriber: Vycen.Mar 17 2013, 5:19 PM

Medic is the only one who can use the medikit. Repair/explosive specialist is the only one who can use the repairkit. Classes should work this way, it is intended situation. Could you please try it and confirm? Thank you.

In my opinion, it should work like this:
Whoever has the Kit can do with it what the kit allows you to.

I see the sense in the classes like this:
Medic and Repairman always have their Kits, and respawn with them, where other classes need to find such kits to use them.

I'm pretty sure, if I'd have a kit with a wrench, srewdrivers etc., I could fix a car with it too, I dont need to have a repair guy with the tools, if I got them myself.

Thats why it should be changed even further - who has the Kit can use it, regardless of class.

No, it should stay the way it is.

Medics and Repair Specialists spawn with their corresponding tools by default. If not then it's the intention of the mission maker.

Besides, just because you have all the necessary tools doesn't mean that you can make use of them. You'll lack the required knowledge to treat someone's injury from a bullet, for example.

Yeah, give ST 31-91B a few pages of reading.

Vycen added a comment.Mar 17 2013, 8:29 PM

In that case what's the difference between First Aid Kit and Medikit?
I'm in the same opinion than Helperman. I thought it would be like in Arma II, where Medics can heal when they want and Technicians repair when they want.

Every soldier has a first aid kit which is used to prevent someone from bleeding out for example. It just contains some bandages and other things to dress someone's wound, so the wound doesn't get infected. While the medkit, used from a medic, contains much much more things.

That's also the case in ArmAIII. If you use a first aid kit, it won't heal you, it just stops the bleeding and prevents you from bleeding out but your health stays the same. A medkit stops the bleeding and heals you back to 100% health.

Also with ArmAIII's new inventory system it makes sense that they've given these two special classes a seperate toolkit. Because they both weight something and need to be carried in a backpack which reduces their fatigue. Else you could magically heal someone when you've got nothing but your underwear.

Bozon added a subscriber: Bozon.May 7 2016, 12:48 PM

Agreed with ScratcH334. Should stay like it is. Every class has its purpose and I support this idea.

Also I would like to see some very little bonuses for corresponding classes.
In general one class should have their equipment/weapons sightly better handling to other classes and vice versa.

Vycen: See ingame Field manual > Health > First Aid Kit/medikit.

ScratcH334: There is nothing like bleeding out in Arma 3.

Anyway, it seems there is not any bug in these classes. Next time please try to find out how feature works in the game before posting new bug/feature request. Thank you. Closing as not a bug.