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Multiplayer Server Filter Problems
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In the Gamespy server browser, if I set the minimum player number to 1 and the maximum to any number other than 0 OR click "HIDE FULL SERVERS" the entire list vanishes and is not restored by clicking refresh.

Setting maximum # of players back to 0 and SHOW FULL SERVERS restores the list.

MINIMUM # of players does not break the server list.


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Windows 7
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See above.

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Unable to reproduce in 0.52.103507 stable. Please provide game version and state of all settings from filter in the moment the entire list vanished. You can also try setting Ping filter to 0 (setting it to 100 clears the list for me).

I'll see if I can reproduce it.

@Astaroth it's not valid anymore. Tocket can be closed.
No GameSpy browser anymore for ArmA 3.

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