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A single white pixel is seen on screen with the RCO sight attacked to the MXM 7.62 on 2560X1440 resolution.
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There is once single white pixel when zoomed out and two pixels when zoomed in. It looks like a dead monitor pixel but behaves as if it is projected from the gun. {F18170}


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Attach the black RCO sight to the MXM 7.62 rifle.

Ensure your playing on a difficulty level with no cross hairs.

Look up at the sky and see the pixel. slightly to the right of centre of the screen.

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Resolution set to 2560X1440.

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Forgot to mention it's visible only in first person, it's also visible on other weapons when the RCO is attached.

I've witnessed this as well. At first I thought it was just a fly or something but it always trails to the right of where my gun is pointing. It even seems to follow the sway pattern of my rifle. Annoying but very minor.

In night vision mode the pixel is black, while normally it is white.

I have same problem.

My resolution is 2560x1440, too.

My resolution is only 1600x1200, so it isn't exclusive to 2560x1440 resolutions. I see the black dot in Night vision as well although it is really hard to see. It appears both with and without crosshairs enabled.

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Duplicate of #7445
(newer report, but assigned)