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Game crashing on throwing smoke grenades
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While playing a multiplayer match with clanmates, the server and everyone's game would freeze and crash forcing us to kill the process. We found that every time someone threw a smoke grenade the game would freeze. Happened a few times in a row. We started a different mission and threw more smoke grenades and the same result - game froze and crashed. First test to see if it was smoke grenades we threw 2 blue smokes, everyone's game crashed. Second was to test if it was only blue smoke grenades. Started a different mission, threw a white and orange smoke grenade and same result. I am assuming all smoke grenades will crash the server and all clients.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Join a multiplayer server
  • Throw a smoke grenade
  • Game crashes
Additional Information

Using latest Dev build, only tested on a passworded multiplayer server.

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Tonight (03/16/2013), on Dev Build 0.51.103078, any time someone threw a grenade near a teammate, the server would crash. It appears to be related to thrown objects near other players. I threw a chemlight at a teammate, the server stopped responding and everyone disconnected.

Happes for us as well.

I guess that it was the same problem as which I fixed yesterday(DEV version). So please could you update to the latest DEV ver and try it again?

Tested with latest DEV and can not reproduce.

hurray... so I'm going to assign this issue to our moderators and they will decide if we will able to close it as Resolved

Fixed in dev.

Mass close.