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Feature Request: Dynamic ObjectViewDistance
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I'd like to have an option that enables some kind of dynamic object view distance, which changes based on the current fps.

It would allow to have high view distances in open areas or when looking through scopes, without sacrificing any fps in densely packed areas like cities. {F18154} {F18155} {F18156}


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  1. Extract the attached file into your mission foler "...\Arma 3 Alpha - Other Profiles\<profilename>\missions\"
  2. Open it with the in-game editor
  3. Preview it

(Optional) 4. Modify the _targetFPS value in the init.sqf to your own preferences

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This would definitely help in forests for me. Most of my arma3 lag is in the forest because of all the trees, I get extremely low fps and have to disable shadows.

this would look terrible as the objects keep switching on off depending on fps.

also, it's not an elegant solution, therefore it's a bad solution.

Thanks for the feedback, but did you actually try the script? I did - and it's far from terrible.

Actually watching the arma engine change the LOD of nearby objects (<500m) looks much worse. Besides objects will always pop in at some point unless your object view distance is equal to your overall view distance.

This feature would be optional - for those who demand a better utilization of their hardware ( and for those who want to see objects when looking at distant areas through scopes.

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Yeah Arma already freaks out with different LOD's. Sometimes it does ok, sometimes they are twitching on and off all around me as I'm running around. I also notice that if you lower the detail level (object detail I think), it makes all the trees in to little semi 2d X shaped things and they constantly twitch back and forth between LOD's. It's pretty ugly. So I have to run it at ultra settings which luckily, my computer can just about cope with.

Anyway, something like this would be really nice, as long as it worked well. And the fact that she (or he) bothered to actually write some code for it is an easy +1.

Ruthberg, stop bumping this issue or it will be closed.

something like this will be great as an OPTION only, but I agree the switching between LOD's is horrid, and I am forced to sacrafice frames by setting terrain, texture and objects quality to very high at the least.

personally I would rather, instead of the quality setting affect the distance at which objects transition (pop in), either create a new transition method thats hardly noticable, or when setting objects and terrain details to high, not transition into higher quality as you approach the object, instead render the object the same infront of you, as it would be 500 meters away. That way there is less overhead anyway, and less popping of LOD transistions. Should be an option too. How about making a script for that?

The proof of concept script from above does what you have suggested.

Simply set "Objects Quality" to "Ultra" and run it.

I'll upload an example video when I have time.

yeah please do... I will try the script out and see =) thanks for the proactive solution, if it works as i hope it does, it should suffice. However I am not looking for something that adjusts based on frames, instead a fixed option?

by the way, how do i get this working, tried the steps you are following, not seeing any missions in the editor to choose

okay never mind, got it to work... My God it is near perfect! Just need to tweak more

How can I get this to apply throughout any showcase or MP game I play?

Fixed option = "Objects Quality" -> Ultra & "Object View Distance" -> less than 1000m


added an image, something I had discovered on one of the servers I played. in gmae you have an option to select view distance based on whether you are on foot, in a vehicle (land and sea) or air.

Now I just wish this was actually integrated into the games video options.

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It would be very useful if we have command 'objectViewDistance' to GET object view distance.