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invert vertical fly
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When you get into a helicopter or a plane you have to reverse the controls to even fly the thing. I would like an option that would auto flip the controls so you would not have to change it in the middle of a game.

invert vertical fly = enabled/disabled


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Walk up to a helicopter and get in try to fly like its a simulator were pull down is up and forwards is down.

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Agreed, filled in a note about this already as well.
Since normally pulling is up and pushing is down and in this game its quite the opposite.

And if u change it your inf is auto changed as well.

This was also an issue in ArmA 2. It is possible to invert the mouse, but people only really want to be inverting it for flight controls, not infantry aiming.

Found out the solution already.

Modify it at keyboard controls, u can also manually set you mice controls there.
Just delete the existing mice controls, and change the function.(so mice up becomes down, and down becomes up).

Duplicate of #0000112.