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Running into helicopter's tail rotors doesn't kill you
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^see above


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second this. was in ACE for A2

No no no, I believe in good simulation but this is too much, we want to have a good game, not mess everything up by catching your face on a rotor blade..

Good idea but lets concentrate on what the games really about..

hitman, an obvious way to not catch your face on a rotor blade is by not walking into the rotor blade. There is no possible way this can "mess everything up" unless you have some kind of good luck ritual of running face first into the tail rotor.

agreed. not having the tail rot kill u or at least badly injure u is silly when at the same time u get killed by a car moving at 10 kph

If a fireplace can kill you, then so should this

prepare to hear the sounds of a hundred thousand crying cod/bf babies once this gets implemented. i for one have already purchased earplugs.

@Hitman, this game is about realism, you stupid fuck. go back to battlefield if you can't handle wasd'ing away from a rotorblade, dipshit.

Johncage no need to insult him...

To DEV team: It seems easy to implement. If not easy, then work your time on something else more important. ;)

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Easy to implement this for players, but then you have to modify AI routines so they don't walk blindly into the rotors which I've seen happen in Ace. (Nothing ruins a good 2 hour rescue/escort mission like your charge walking face first into the extraction chopper rotor).

Additionally, easily implementable by the community.

@Zonr_0; actually, the AI knows exactly where to walk, since the boundingbox around the chopper is big enough to not walk past the tail rotor.

In A2 + ACE I've never seen an AI get killed by a tail rotor, unless I was flying backwards into them (and even then they try to go prone or run away).

I suggest to wait till the new flight model is implemented.

This would be pretty awesome!

I think the AI is already trying to avoid the tailrotor, as Grezvany13 said. Ain't this the reason why the AI takes so long to enter a chopper? They try to enter it from the side, as is SOP.

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"land and approach an helicopter always to the front"

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and with the new ragdoll it could be funny too :)
flying mess all over the place yay!!!

by the way kOepi if you would approach the UH60 (for example) from the front
you would also be killed. every infantry who boarded a chopper knows that
each model has it's own specific approach, because while the tail rotor
can kill you, even the main rotor can harm you if you stand in the wrong spot.

You should also get the same from the main rotor, this one doesn't kill you also. I've tried by crashing into the sea and ejecting before the main rotor stop under the water.

How would this add any value to the game, besides it being realistic?

Has been fixed.