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AI cannot execute heli combat insertion properly
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When executing a combat insertion, the AI does not respect the waypoints, nor the altitude set in a waypoint, nor the heading of the waypoint. It will ascend too high (sometimes even flying over the enemy)exposing itself to enemy fire. When landing, it does not touch down but flies around and if player is onboard it does not unload troops automatically but they need a command. Sometimes it does not unload even the player automatically. The units leave the vehicle one by one, not at once, exposing the troops even more to fire. During the insertions ground collisions occur way too often.


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I use the combination of synced Transport unload (heli) and get out (units) waypoints. Tried it with careless, aware and combat modes. With careless the AI at least tries to land on a spot send, but the other problems still occur.

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Duplicate of #0002060.