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How about, rather than going down the same path as Arma2 - you utilize the new inventory system, and feature; rather than 'Clips' of Shotgun Ammo, "piles" or 'stacks'?

And rather than Shotgun ammo being a Clip that is attached to the shotgun when you press Reload or via dragging in the inventory, one by one a shell is loaded to the maximum of the capacity of the shotgun upon initiation of the shotgun reload.

If any spare shotgun ammo is in the inventory - it can be fed into the shotgun to the maximum of its capacity.

This would be a real-time, one shell fed at a time with the counter on the GUI going up one at a time also; and with a shell coming from Any in the inventory handy, with a preference for any that are 'lower' than full stack.

And perhaps, akin to many modern shooters, one could press LeftMouseButton to interrupt the reloading process and take a shot from however many had been fed into the shotgun magazine, during the process, say, 6/8 shots reloaded, taking a shot, leaving you to press R once more to refill another 3 shots, 5/8 > 8/8.

If you press R with a shotgun, if you have a half-filled capacity, you shouldnt replace the entire magazine. It should just take from any stacks available in the inventory to fill, one shell at a time. new shells > to the max of the shotgun.

Not only would this distinction between clip style shotguns and 'reload shell at a time' style prove invaluable to realism, but would solve many problems for DayZ style mods or perhaps even the modding in of revolvers or something.


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perhaps rather than 8 rnd shotgun stacks, it could be more, like, 20. then youd be more in square with a shotgun that perhaps had a clip of 20, such as the aa-12 - which had always been unfair in arma2 compared with the 'clips' of 8 for the m1014..

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you ought to be able to even feed slug/pellet/slug/pellet/pellet/pellet/slug/slug in the shotgun if this type of situation were implemented.

perhaps a civilian clothes would only be able to carry one box of 20 - and a medkit, such as how it can only carry a clip and a medkit atm.

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What shotgun are you talking about? You don't even know how shotguns are going to be implemented in the full game yet, but start complaining. Would you, for gods sake, spare the Bugtracker with oracling about the future.

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yes but it's more than likely to be same as arma2 unless we kick up a fuss. same for revolvers etc other weapons that can be reloaded 'shot by shot' per se.

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it'd be nice to see the mechanism implemented, as then future versions of 1944 mod etc, could have Karbiners that loaded not only through clips, but could also have individual shells 'pinched' from the remainer clips in inventory to top-up the guns internal magazine.

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