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Two Screens Monitors. Only the big screen one works.
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When booting up ARMA 3 Alpha (not in window mode), I get a blank screen on my computer monitor. My Vizio TV, which is connected to the back end of my computer through an HDMI cable, displays video output of ARMA 3. I can run window mode of ARMA 3 just fine through my computer monitor, however I get some serious frame rate drops during combat (which is not fun when getting shot at). The game runs like normal when without going into window mode (by that I mean my computer can give out a decent FPS rating of 40-60), however it is a bug nonetheless. {F18120}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a regular computer monitor and a big screen (or regular sized) TV both connected to a computer with HDMI cables. (Currently using a ViewSonic monitor with 60 HZ and a Vizio LCD TV with 60 HZ).
  1. Boot up the game through steam and select the first option of screen preference.
  1. ?????
  1. Problem occurs
Additional Information

I've attached a photo of what happens during this bug. My computer monitor is saying "No Video Output."

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AFAIK games normally choose only the primary display for output, and as you run the game in fullscreen, the other display does not get any video input because of this.

right click on arma3.exe > Compatibility and tick Disable desktop composition

check attached pic


@Flux: That's a damn shame. Guess I got to get use to using the big screen then.

@cookie: Tried that and didn't seem to work. I still get the same monitor problem.

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