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hacker hacking
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I joined a wasteland server: AU Arma 3 server hosted by | #2 404 Wasteland.

when I was in the game there was one of those news reports with a scrolling message ( AAN ) it said to sent $5 to a paypal address via

Then as I continued to play I saw in chat ppl asking for spawned choppers...

Then the game went suddenly into night, then everything into blue...then we were all teleported to Rogain for a battle-royale...and teleported back, if ya didnt die...

SOMETHING needs to be DONE ASAP!!!


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joined the server on 17 March @ 03:20am

The current time is Sun Mar 17 2013 03:38:01 GMT+1030 (Cen. Australia Daylight Time)
The GMT current time is Sat, 16 Mar 2013 17:08:01 GMT
You are currently at GMT+/--10.5:00

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Administrators arent hackers ... mostly.

Its because there is no anti cheat system as it is in alpha it is probaly something we are going to have to put up with until beta or full release

There is no anti-cheat yet. Reports of hacking make no sense yet.