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ShackTac Fireteam HUD should be implemented.
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"Helps to smooth out gameplay and bridge the gap between reality and simulation"

As seen here:


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I don't think it should be implemented. It currently requires CBA, which in turn would require CBA to be implemented. There are more important issues with the current Alpha and future builds than implementing mods.
There are also alot of people who do not like STHud, so forcing it does not seem like a good idea.

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The less huds on your screen the better. You can basically use the GPS to get the same thing if you want.

If you want it, download it. Don't force it on the rest of us.

No. I don't want more HUD, I want less HUD. Keep it as a mod and let people use it if they want. Don't force it on us.

It should be an option to use for those that want it, and the mod doesn't always work as implemented with CBA now. See the BI forum on this mod for more details. So have BIS put it in the game as part of Arma 3 and make it work. It can be an option for those that want to use it. Not forced on anybody, but available to those who want it.

agree on upyonder

Its a MOD/Addon. Its been made by another group.

I see no reason why good or great add ons should not be implemented? Sure, option it up for those who want less HUD.

Just use the mod as you are doing right now ?
No ?

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

/not voted, but monitoring

I'm personaly a big fan of ST_HUD, since it gives you the missing surrounding awareness you would have in real life. Eg. when you have 10 people walking around you, you have no idea who's friendly, who's in your squad and who's in your team.

Especially when you play without nametags and without third person, it's impossible to track every movement of your team/squad.

However I do think that it's not the job of BIS to implement this and it should be done by modmakers (like dslyecxi), unless BIS manages to implement this in a more realistic way.

so many down votes here?`
funny thing is, arma 3 pvp is still a wasteland (no pun intendet), and there is a horrible teamplay culture, squad radar (along with a proper squad management GUI)
would help to promote squad based teamplay. Before you people are conservative about features, let there be a game which design is worth to keep... default pvp in arma 3, so far, has more flaws that you can count.